How to cook a steak like they do in restaurants

How to cook a steak like they do in restaurants

Those chefs know a thing or two about cooking, don't they?
Here is how they cook a steak.
You'll need 
  • Good quality pan ideally with an metal handle or other oven proof material.
  • Good ventilation as its gonna get smokey
  • Proper butter, salt and pepper ideally in a mill
  • A meat probe or Google 'Finger test doneness of meat'
  • A good steak knife
  • Good quality steak - Dry aged or better still Himalayan Salt Aged.
    • Look for marbling. Fat = Flavour = Good 
    • Pick the cut that works for you. If you are not sure click here for our round up of the differences in the different steak cuts 

Follow this method...

  • It is imperative that you let steak reach room temperature before you start to grill, or it will be tough. Bring out the butter too as you'll be needing that later.
  • Warm up the oven to a medium to high heat. Put the baking tray in if needed.
  • Use this time to coat your steak in olive oil or dip n melted butter then season with sea salt and cracked black pepper. Watch the dog!
  • Heat some olive oil in a frying pan, if its not got an oven proof handle then put a baking tray the oven instead. Some chef will have sprig of herbs or garlic clove in there too adding even more flavour. 
  • Make sure the or frying pan is smoking hot, setting the smoke alarm off hot, then put the steak in. Enjoy the sizzling noise of your steak being seared. Add the butter and cook for 3 minutes a side leaving it be throughout except for spooning the melted butter over the steak.
  • After 6 minutes transfer to the oven.
  • How do you like yours cooked? This is the only time you can eat something from a BBQ that not got to that magic 70c.
    • Rare Bloody (delicious)                                  49c
    • Medium Rare Line of blood                            54c
    • Medium Pink throughout no blood                 60c
    • Medium Well A little pink but starting brown  66c
    • Well Ruined, just ruined.                                77c
  • Always let it rest for at least 10 minutes. It will carry on cooking a little more the juices will be reabsorbed make it juicy and tender. Some chefs will top with more butter or a blue cheese at this point.
Enjoy your steak.
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