Whats your favourite steak cut?

Whats your favourite steak cut?

What is your favorite steak?  Here's a quick guide to what each steak cut is like.

This cut is so called because it cooks so quickly on a high heat, ideal for tasty sandwich ideally with hot English mustard. Can be taken from the rump or the sirloin and is sliced thinly or bashed flat. Buy it here

Now we would be the first to admit that Rump Steak isn't the most tender cut but its makes up for that with bags of flavour it gives.  Very versatile as it can be cubed for kebabs or .  Can be cooked from rare all the way to well done Buy it here

Bistro Rump Fillet
A real butchers, this special steak that has the flavour of rump whilst has size and is more tender, but at a fraction of the price. Cook quickly on a high heat to stop drying out.  Buy it here

A south american delicacy, taken from the top section of the rump. Not known too much in the UK but if you know.... Very sirloin like in flavour and appearance   Buy it here

This is our best seller and all those steak lovers can't be wrong. Sirloin can be fatty so loaded with flavour but really need to be cookeds to medium making sure the fat has been rendered down before eating.  Basting with butter through the cook will add tenderness. Buy it here

Rib Eye 

Ask any butcher and they will pick this over every other cut. Why? The flavour and succulence. It is fatty so packed with flavour so you need to cook to medium so the 'knot' renders down. Can be left on the bone. Buy it here

Thought of as the premier steak cut and is the most expensive, but as they say 'You're worth it!' The muscle does very little work to it has very little fat but is just the most tender. On the downside, it doesnt have the flavour of the other cuts. Cook quickly over high heat so it doesn't dry out. The ingredient in Beef Wellington and Chateaubriand. Buy it here

T Bone or Porterhouse 

The is simply the best, of both worlds because it contains a piece of fillet and sirloin either site of the capital T shaped bone. Fillet will cook rarer than the sirloin
Best to sear and finish in the oven Buy it here

Whatever you choose, and we can't stress this enough, buy it from a reputable butcher and not from a supermarket for the sake of the few pence more it costs. A supermarket chain buys from all over the world and decides on price. Often its  meat wet aged not dry aged meaning it is already inferior quality and may even come across frozen. 

Your butcher, on the other hand, knows where his produce is from, where it has been and how to look after it during the dry aging process. He cares about what you eat and what you feed your children. 


Want to know about the difference between Himalayan aged, dry aged and wet aged beef? Check out the blog post here

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