We Really Know Our Meats Here At The Cheshire Butcher

At The Cheshire Butcher we are rightfully proud of all our produce but especially our meat, which is all reared on neighbouring farms or here at our very own Cherry Tree Farm.

Cherry Tree Farm is set in 4 acres of land in the Cheshire belt, near Wilmslow, housing our own prime beef, pork, lamb, and organic chicken, we can ensure our animals receive the best kind of attention and live happy, fulfilled free-range lives and are slaughtered under the strictest ethical procedures. Once the beef, pork and lamb arrives back at Cherry Tree Farm, our team of butchers age it to perfection then cut, slice, mince, roll, press or whatever prepare it ready for your table.

Talking of ageing, we have just installed Cheshire's first Himalayan Salt Chamber. The hand cut salt bricks have been imported from the Punjab Pakistan, at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. The salt draws the moisture from the meat and the surrounding air, lowering the humidity, helping stem the growth of unwanted bacteria and drastically slowing spoilage. This ageing process intensifies the flavour and breaks down the enzymes making for a more tender product. The negative ions from the salt react with the positive ions in the beef giving the meat a delicious sweet flavour.

Our team of butchers know their stuff. Come and talk to our team if you need any advice on the best cut for a specific dish. If you want your fresh chicken jointing, no problem.

The range of items in our Farm Shop changes through the seasons and we have a number of things on sale that wouldn’t be practical to sell online so we would love to see you. There is plenty of room to park too.