From our fields, direct to you.

From our fields, direct to you.

As you can now see, we are in the process of re-organising our online butchers shop which sits alongside our well established farm shop in the fabulous Cheshire countryside, just outside Wilmslow. 

As for the online butchers, we offer you the same quality that we deliver to our loyal customers over the counter and can provide fast and efficient shipping anywhere within the UK.  Your order will properly securely packed to keep cool for 48 hours and be delivered in fresh to your door. All the details on this are stated clearly in the delivery section of the site and… if you order more than £70 worth in any order to the UK, mainland delivery is absolutely FREE!

So, a bit of background… If you don’t know us already, The Cheshire Butcher and Farm Shop started trading in 2010. We began as local traditional butchers, providing great value, high-quality meat and poultry to local customers and nearby restaurants. As things took off we added locally sourced, delicious fresh fruit and veg, ice cream, cakes, biscuits, eggs, pastries, condiments, jams and chutneys….the list goes on!

Over the last few years we have gone from strength to strength, winning awards for our bacons, sausages and burgers, all made in house by our dedicated team of experienced butchers. Our prime beef is hung on the bone for over 28 days and it's this dry ageing process which gives the meat a more mature flavour and a softer texture and our steaks their quality. Our pork and lamb come from animals that have been fed well in the surrounding fields bringing that goodness to your plate. Our Chicken is either Organic, Free Range from Yorkshire or Hormone free local birds. Our bacon is dry cured in house using the traditional ingredients and methods delivering a delicious lightly salted taste without the water leakage on cooking you get in commercial bacon. Our wide range of sausages are made by hand only using natural skins, best pork and seasonings.

Not only this, we pride ourselves on being great value, often cheaper than many high-street butchers and supermarkets. Fundamental to this is that we know where our goods come from and how it has been produced. That is so important. We are proud to partner with individual and unique producers, many from within a 10 mile radius from our base. So that is where we are just now. Proud to be where we are, supporting local farmers and delivering the components for you to create wonderful meals. What’s not to like?

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