Bacon and Sausage

All of our bacon is dry cured in-house using traditional methods. Traditional dry curing is a time-consuming process requiring each cut of pork to be hand rubbed with salt and cured for at least a week. With the dry curing process, no water is added to the pork in curing so it shrinks less whilst cooking. We have dry cured, smoked, streaky, herb crusted or treacle-coated, in fact, something for every taste.
Our legendary sausages are handmade on site using only the finest ingredients. It’s not only the meat. Herbs, spices and other jealously guarded secret ingredients contribute to the taste. Mark and the team make our sausages from the best cuts of meat, producing traditional plain pork, Lincolnshire & Cumberland to Pork & Black Pepper or Pork & Leek to the more outlandish Pork, Cranberry & Pancetta or Pork Thai Sweet Chilli.